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Dan Lohaus
Certified Legal Video Specialist

About New England Video Depositions

Based in Western Massachusetts, New England Video Depositions was formed in 2018 by Dan Lohaus, Certified Legal Video Specialist and member of the National Court Reporters Association.


Working with New England’s largest court reporting agencies, Dan videotaped over two hundred and fifty in-person depositions before the Covid pandemic hit in 2020. New England Video Depositions adapted quickly and began focusing on the challenges related to recording online depositions, with all parties attending remotely on platforms like Zoom.


New England Video Depositions has since become a leader in this new field, training additional legal videographers and working with law firms and court reporting agencies across the country. Presently, we have recorded over three hundred remote depositions.


What We Do

Remote Video Depositions

We service all 50 states for remote virtual depositions. We provide the Zoom link and technical assistance to all parties in advance to make sure webcams, microphones, and internet connections will allow for an uninterrupted deposition and a great audio-visual recording. 


We use professional HD video cameras and audio equipment and always run a back-up HD recorder, in addition to using screen capturing software to create a third backup recording.


Typically, we deliver the final deposition video back to the client within 24 hours. We can also coordinate with one of our partner agencies to provide a court reporter for both in-person and remote depositions.


In-Person and Hybrid Video Depositions


In addition to remote depositions, we are actively video-recording in-person and hybrid video depositions for court reporting agencies and law firms across southern New England. A hybrid deposition is an in-person video deposition where some parties attend remotely. 


Our coverage area is generally within 100 miles of Easthampton, MA, allowing us to serve the legal communities in Springfield, Boston, Hartford, Providence, Albany, and all parts between.

Professional and Dependable

Deposition videos shouldn’t just be acceptable, they should be impactful. Our goal is to provide the highest-quality deposition video possible, knowing that these videos play an important role when they are presented in court. We are knowledgeable of state and federal rules and regulations of deposition proceedings and focus on bringing professionalism, dependability, and technical excellence to each new video deposition, be it in-person, or online. 

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